Glenn Robinson III wins 2017 Slam Dunk Contest

Hey guys and gals, welcome back to my sports and fitness blog the Sporty Bee! Did anyone watch, or should I say attempt to watch, the NBA All stars game? I patiently sat through the entire event, and the only thing I can remember is Dikembe Mutombo’s video showing that he was as disappointed as I imagine every fan was. There were some cool dunks, with DeAndre Jordan grabbing the ball from DJ Khaled who was underneath the basket spinning records and snapchatting the event but those were overshadowed by the fact that everything else was the exact same thing we see every year. The only other semi-exciting dunk was Aaron Gordon becoming a glorified intel commerical and using a drone to get an assist, the only problem being that it missed the first handful of times.

Glenn Robinson ended up taking home the trophy although it must not seem like much of an award. Three of Robinsons four dunks were almost exactly the same, but the rest of the court was even less original so he ended up winning. His first dunk was actually really good, and other than the DJ Khalid silliness was the best dunk of the night. His second dunk had some really good potential, but he accidentally scored the ball early meaning that the actual slam had a major lack of force. Hopefully the NBA sees what a snoozefest this was, and how cringey it can be when some new idea doesn’t work (drones). If the Slam Dunk challenge is to stay popular and not go the way of the NFL’s Pro Bowl there needs to be some major changes, and less companies vetting for their time on the court. If not the challenge could disappear for a decade and no one would even care.


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