Hello everyone, and welcome to the Sporty Bee!

My name is Beatrice in case you didn’t pick that up, and this is my (soon to be) famous sports and fitness blog site! I have always wanted to have my own blog since I was a little girl and my mom wouldn’t let me on the computer by myself and now I finally have one!

A little background on myself- I work at the Athletics Coordinator at my local university (actually my Alma Mater) and as such I get to experience lots of university sporting events, from the track and field meets to the big rivalry football games. I used to be an athlete here but in my senior year I had a major injury while participating in a swim meet and ever since then I have spent a lot of my time dedicated to helping other pursue their athletic dreams.

Like I said, I am really excited about doing this blog. I hope that it can be a regular thing for me, and that in turn it becomes a regular thing for my readers. Expect to see some posts about recent university sporting events, nutrition and exercise tips as well as anything sporty that I want to talk about. I should have my first post ready in a couple days so until then, have fun everyone!

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