Top reasons why every woman should strength train.

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Whenever there are articles relating to female fitness they tend to be cardio orientated. And even those which mention strength training never go into any detailing about the benefits of strength training over cardio.  

Strength training

Strength training and weight training are two of the most important areas in fitness.  They are also 2 of the areas which are ignored by a lot of female gym goers.  Sure without strength and weight training you can go to the gym and lose weight and fat and tone up, but strength training is so much more.

There are many types of strength training.  From working out with just your body weight, to using free weights or weight bars or even weighted machines.  Each has its own benefits.


A recent study from 2014 found that cognitive function was related to strength gains.  Individuals between 55 and 85 who had mild cognitive impairment were tasked to complete 2 strength training workouts each week for 6 months.  MRI scans were used, and revealed areas of the brain increased in size after the 6 month period.

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If you’re not a big fan of working out at the gym it can be worth purchasing weight equipment for your home.  You can be as cheap as you like, by using cans or household equipment.  Or as expensive by purchasing more gym equipment such as a weightlifting bar.  I found a cheap used weight bar which I use regularly.

You can also use sports as your cardio.  I like to play football twice a week, which might explain my love with Chivas

Boob boost

Now, hear me out.  You may not believe it but one of the more surprising results of strength training is a boob lift.  Working out the muscles behind your boobs, your pectorals, will give you a natural lift as the muscles grow.  Similarly to how lower body workouts will give you a more perky butt, upper body workouts are great for boobs!

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When working out with weight bar it’s important to make sure that you don’t damage your hands.  They can get quite expensive so it’s best to look for second-hand or used gloves.  I bought some great gloves for a bargain price from an online classified ads marketplace;

Bone mineral density

A study found that 37 elderly women who performed 3 strength exercise workouts a week for 4 months saw an increase in bone density.  Now if you’re nearer to 30 than 70, you might be wondering how this affects you. Maintaining bone density is far easier than building it.

Shatter your limitations

Gaining strength in the gym can help you with gaining strength outside of the gym.  The confidence and comfort gained with yourself from weight lifting translates to confidence outside the gym.  Work it.


However strength training works best alongside cardio.  There are some great types of cardio that you can do in the gym.  But if you prefer working outside the gym then you can find some great bargains online.  I found a cheap treadclimber for sale, which is now pride of place in my personal gym.   

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