Hey everyone, how we all doing today? Welcome back to another informative post on my sports and fitness blog. Today I wanted to talk to you guys about something I saw the other day that you don’t get a chance to witness very often, especially in most western countries. I am talking about spearfishing, an ancient method of fishing that some say is older than fishing itself. Ancient civilizations would spear from from rivers with sharpened sticks and bones, but today it has gotten more modernized. Today’s spear fishermen use elastic powered spear guns and slings or with pneumatic powered compressed gas spear guns. Specialized equipment has even been developed to help with different types of aquatic arenas and exotic fish. Spearfishing is thought to be a highly selective process, using no baits and producing no unwanted by-catch.

Blue Water Hunting

Some people have taken to spearfishing in giant open water scenarios hunting pelagic species which are species neither at the top or the bottom of the ocean. These fishermen will sometimes be dropped off by a boat and they will float in the drift of the boat for hours until being picked up. Because of how common it is for these fishermen to not see any fish, or any aquatic structures for that matter sensory deprivation is common. Because of the size of fish that is usually hunted, some fishermen will use a  second gun that can provide a kill shot at close range, once the prey has been subdued but if other action is necessary. This is recognized as okay by most authorities, although the second rifle must be loaded in the rifle by the same person who fires it. Have you readers ever went blue water spearfishing? If you have any stories leave them below for me to read, and like always have a great day.



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